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Physiotherapy Services - Publicly Funded Clinics - Toronto Central

OHIP-insured clinics provide publicly funded physiotherapy services, including rehabilitation following a stay in hospital.

You must have a valid Ontario health card and a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner and be age 19 or younger, or age 65 or older, or any age after overnight hospitalization for a condition that requires physiotherapy, or a recipient of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program.
French language services or programs offered to customers/clients on a consistent basis.
French Language Services View all services
These services are located in Toronto Central
Lifemark Physiotherapy - Scarborough Village - Scarborough  
English ; French ; Bengali ; Polish ; Arabic ; Tagalog
North East Physiotherapy Services  
English ; French
French reception, programs, publications, and website
Six Points Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health  
English ; Croatian ; French ; Filipino
Willowdale Physiotherapy  
English ; French ; Hindi ; Polish ; Romanian ; Russian ; Spanish ; Tagalog ; Tamil

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