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Walk-In Medical Clinics - Toronto

Walk-in clinics provide prompt medical care for people who require care and do not have a family doctor or who are unable to reach them. Generally, appointments are not needed.

These services are located in Toronto
Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services - AccessPoint on Jane (APOJ) - Non-Insured Walk-in Clinic (NIWIC)  
761 Jane St, 2nd Fl, Suite 200B, Toronto, ON  M6N 4C4
416-760-8677 Add to Clipboard
Albany Medical Clinic  
807 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON  M4K 2P8
416-461-9471 Add to Clipboard
Appletree Medical Group - Toronto - 275 Dundas St W  
275 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON  M5T 3K1
647-722-2370 Add to Clipboard
Appletree Medical Group - Toronto - 70 University Ave  
70 University Ave, Toronto, ON  M5J 2M4
647-722-2370 Add to Clipboard
Bay College Medical and Lockwood Diagnostic  
790 Bay St, Suite 108, Toronto, ON  M5G 1N8
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Carlton and Church Walk-in and Medical Clinic  
60 Carlton St, Toronto, ON  M5B 1J2
416-646-1890 Add to Clipboard
Children's After Hours Clinic - Toronto - Danforth  
235 Danforth Ave, Suite 100, Toronto, ON  M4K 1N2
416-461-3000 Add to Clipboard
College Care Medical Walk-in Clinic  
343 College St, Toronto, ON  M5T 1S5
416-519-9086 Add to Clipboard
Comprehensive Healthcare Network - Toronto - 116 Glen Manor Dr - Beaches Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic  
116 Glen Manor Dr, Toronto, ON  M4E 2X2
416-698-0999 Add to Clipboard
Comprehensive Healthcare Network - Toronto - 2772 Danforth Ave - Dawes Family Practic and Walk-in  
2772 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON  M4C 1L7
416-690-1042 Add to Clipboard
Comprehensive Healthcare Network - Toronto - 343 Coxwell Ave - Coxwell Family Practic and Walk-in  
343 Coxwell Ave, Toronto, ON  M4L 3B5
647-267-3366 Add to Clipboard
Comprehensive Healthcare Network - Toronto - 3502 Danforth Ave - Warden Family Practice and Walk-in Clinic  
3502 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON  M4C 1L7
647-984-6172 Add to Clipboard
Danforth Main Street Clinic  
292 Main St, Toronto, ON  M4C 4X5
416-699-3619 Add to Clipboard
Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 2299 Dundas St W  
2299 Dundas St W, Suite 406, Toronto, ON  M6R 1X7
416-535-3511 Add to Clipboard
Downtown Doctors Walk-in Medical Centre  
720 Spadina Ave, Suite 100, Toronto, ON  M5S 2T9
416-929-1530 Add to Clipboard
Dufferin Medical Clinic  
2045 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON  M6E 3R4
416-656-7733 Add to Clipboard
East Liberty Medical Centre  
901 King St W, Suite 105, Toronto, ON  M5V 3H5
416-599-6000 Add to Clipboard
Eastdale Medical Clinic  
997 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON  M4M 1Z4
647-348-6880 Add to Clipboard
Evercare Medical Centre - Toronto - 137 Roncesvalles Ave  
137 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON  M6R 2L2
416-901-0717 Add to Clipboard
Good Health Medical  
1615 Dufferin St, Suite 301, Toronto, ON  M6H 4H4
416-533-1131 Add to Clipboard
Harbourfront Health and Wellness Centre - Medical Walk-in Clinic  
8 York St, Unit 4, Toronto, ON  M5J 2Y2
416-366-2273 Add to Clipboard
HealthCare Plus Medical Centre  
1408 Queen St W, Toronto, ON  M6K 1L9
416-532-8277 Add to Clipboard
High Park Medical Clinic - Walk-in Clinic  
1640 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON  M6P 1A7
416-551-3539 Add to Clipboard
Infinity Health Centre  
39 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON  M5J 3A6
416-504-0628 Add to Clipboard
Jane Park Doctor's Office  
877 Jane St, Toronto, ON  M6N 4C4
416-766-4444 Add to Clipboard
491 Eglinton Ave W, Suite 301, Toronto, ON  M5N 1A8
416-860-6696 Add to Clipboard
Lansdowne Dundas Medical Clinic  
222 Lansdowne Ave, Suite 200, Toronto, ON  M6K 3C6
647-725-6555 Add to Clipboard
Leslieville Medical Centre  
Loblaws City Market, 17 Leslie St, Toronto, ON  M4M 3H9
416-465-6606 Add to Clipboard
MCI Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 200 Bay St  
Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay St, Lower Concourse, Toronto, ON  M5J 2J3
416-368-6787 Add to Clipboard
MCI Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 245 Eglinton Ave E  
245 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, ON  M4P 3B7
416-488-1455 Add to Clipboard
MCI Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 3416 Dundas St W  
3416 Dundas St W, Suite 209, Toronto, ON  M6S 2S1
416-763-3111 Add to Clipboard
MCI Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 345 Bloor St E  
Greenwin Square, 345 Bloor St E, Suite 4A, Toronto, ON  M4W 3J6
416-515-0590 Add to Clipboard
MCI Doctor's Office (The) - Toronto - 595 Bay St  
595 Bay St, Lower Concourse, Toronto, ON  M5G 2C2
416-598-1703 Add to Clipboard
Medical Practice (The)  
799 Bloor St W, 3rd Fl, Toronto, ON  M6G 1L8
647-349-0053 Add to Clipboard
Monarch Park Clinic  
688 Coxwell Ave, Unit 100, Toronto, ON  M4C 3B6
416-462-1777 Add to Clipboard
New Jane Walk-in Multi Specialty Clinic  
911 Jane St, Unit A, Toronto, ON  M6N 4C6
647-345-5855 Add to Clipboard
Patient Networks - Family Medicine and Health Promotion  
157 Yonge St, Toronto, ON  M5C 1X7
416-362-8822 Add to Clipboard
Queen and Spadina Medical Centre  
455 Queen St W, Toronto, ON  M5V 2A9
416-869-3627 Add to Clipboard
Royal Care Medical Centre Walk-in Clinic  
407A Yonge St, 2nd Fl, Toronto, ON  M5B 1S9
416-977-5511 Add to Clipboard
St Joseph's Health Centre - CIBC Just for Kids Clinic - Children's Walk-in Clinic  
Our Lady of Mercy, 111 Sunnyside Ave, 3rd Fl, Toronto, ON  M6R 1B5
416-530-6611 Add to Clipboard
Upper Village Walk-in Medical Centre  
901 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON  M6C 2C1
416-781-8100 Add to Clipboard
Waterfront Medical Centre  
266B Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON  M5J 1B5
416-595-9699 Add to Clipboard
WellOne Medical Centre - Toronto - 18 Yonge St - Walk-in Clinic  
18 Yonge St, Toronto, ON  M5E 1Z8
647-748-5663 Add to Clipboard
Westside Medical Clinic - Walk in Urgent Care  
2404 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON  M6M 1S6
416-410-0505 Add to Clipboard
Yonge Street Medical Centre  
500 Yonge St, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M4Y 1X9
647-348-1664 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Toronto, but provide service to Toronto.
Appletree Medical Group - Toronto - 1450 O'Connor Dr  
1420 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON  M4B 1Z1
647-722-2370 Add to Clipboard
Children's After Hours Clinic - Sheppard Branch  
1100 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 100, Toronto, ON  M2K 2W1
416-250-5000 Add to Clipboard
Comprehensive Healthcare Network - Toronto - 3891 Don Mills Rd - Cliffwood Family Practice and Walk-in  
3891 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON  M2H 2S7
647-532-7572 Add to Clipboard
East York Medical Health Centre - Family Physicians and Walk-in Clinic  
East York Town Centre, 45 Overlea Blvd, Suite 27E, Toronto, ON  M4H 1C3
416-696-9836 ext 222 Add to Clipboard
Marlee Medical Centre  
249 Marlee Ave, Toronto, ON  M6B 4B8
416-780-9986 Add to Clipboard
Westway Medical Clinic - Walk-in Children's Clinic  
1723 Kipling Ave, Suite 4, Etobicoke, ON  M9R 4E1
416-244-8404 * Same Day Children Sick Visits: 416-244-7617 Add to Clipboard

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