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Child Care - Preschools and Nursery Schools - Toronto Central

Preschool and nursery school programs provide education-based programs designed to prepare children for kindergarten. Many of these programs operate half-days during the school year.

The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services maintains a searchable database of licensed child care centres on its website.

These services serve all or part of Toronto Central
A Place To Play Nursery School Of Bloor West Village  
Runnymede Presbyterian, 680 ANNETTE ST, Toronto, ON  M6S 2C8
416-767-6650 Add to Clipboard
Abc Academy - 18 Melrose  
Abc Academy Inc, 18 MELROSE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1Y5
416-484-0222 Add to Clipboard
Abc Academy - 20 Melrose  
Abc Academy, 20 MELROSE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1Y5
416-484-0222 Add to Clipboard
Abc Academy - McRae  
235 MCRAE DR, Toronto, ON  M4G 1T6
647-340-3688 Add to Clipboard
Absorbent Minds - 20 Old Kingston Rd  
20 OLD KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M1E 3J5
416-283-3467 Add to Clipboard
Alternative Primary School Parent Group  
North Preparatory Public School, 1100 SPADINA RD, Toronto, ON  M5N 2M6
416-322-5385 Add to Clipboard
Angelgate Daycare - 230 Jane Street  
Commercial Building, 230 JANE ST, Toronto, ON  M6S 3Z1
647-835-4546 Add to Clipboard
Angelgate Daycare - 232 Jane Street  
Commercial Building, 232 JANE ST, Toronto, ON  M6S 3Z1
647-835-4546 Add to Clipboard
Annex Montessori School  
427 BLOOR ST W, Toronto, ON  M5S 1X7
416-994-0549 Add to Clipboard
Aspiring Academics Preschool  
262 WOODFIELD RD, Toronto, ON  M4L 2W7
416-889-9389 Add to Clipboard
Avalon Children's Montessori School  
Fallingbrook Presbyterian Church, 31 WOOD GLEN RD, Toronto, ON  M1N 2V8
416-690-7744 Add to Clipboard
Avenue Road Nursery School  
St. Ansgar Church, 1498 AVENUE RD, Toronto, ON  M5N 2J1
416-783-2773 Add to Clipboard
Beaches Co-Operative Playschool  
Kingston Road United Church, 975 KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M4E 1T1
416-690-9935 Add to Clipboard
Better Beginnings Nursery School  
Fallingbrook Loft Condominium, 1208 KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M1N 1N8
416-903-7827 Add to Clipboard
Bloor West Nursery School  
Runnymede United Church, 432 RUNNYMEDE RD, Toronto, ON  M6S 2Y8
416-767-6729x103 Add to Clipboard
Blue Butterfly Montessori School  
300 RICHMOND ST W, 100, Toronto, ON  M5V 1X2
416-479-0202 Add to Clipboard
Boardwalk Montessori School  
1975 QUEEN ST E, A, Toronto, ON  M4L 1J1
416-691-6740 Add to Clipboard
Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough [Child care] - St Brendan CS  
St. Brendan Catholic School, 186 CENTENNIAL RD, Toronto, ON  M1C 1Z9
416-281-0262x228 Add to Clipboard
Bright Minds Childcare and Montessori School  
1450 O CONNOR DR, BUILDING #2, UNIT 110, Toronto, ON  M4B 2T8
416-755-0002 Add to Clipboard
Brightpath Eglinton  
Centennial Building Court, 5535 EGLINTON AVE W, 200, Toronto, ON  M9C 5K5
416-742-3535 Add to Clipboard
Broad View French Montessori School - School I  
1007 BROADVIEW AVE, Toronto, ON  M4K 2S1
416-467-1618 Add to Clipboard
Broad View French Montessori School - School II  
1236 KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M1N 1P3
416-690-9305 Add to Clipboard
Carmelite Day Nursery  
108 HARRISON ST, Toronto, ON  M6J 2A3
416-536-5313 Add to Clipboard
Castle Park Playschool  
1971 QUEEN ST E, UNIT 102, 103, Toronto, ON  M4L 1H9
416-691-5211 Add to Clipboard
Catholic Settlement House Day Nursery  
Catholic Settlement House, 131 MC CAUL ST, Toronto, ON  M5T 1W3
416-977-0254 Add to Clipboard
Centennial Infant and Child Centre  
1580 Yonge St, Toronto, ON  M4T 1Z8
416-935-0200 Add to Clipboard
Centre De La Petite Enfance - Les Amis Du Monde  
École Élémentaire Charles-Sauriol, 55 PELHAM AVE, Toronto, ON  M6N 1A5
416-410-2232 Add to Clipboard
Children's Creative Corner Co-Op Nursery School  
Western Technical Commercial School, 125 EVELYN CRES, RM. 234, Toronto, ON  M6P 3E3
416-769-4938 Add to Clipboard
Children's Garden Junior School  
Leaside Presbyterian Church, 670 EGLINTON AVE E, Toronto, ON  M4G 2K4
416-423-5017 Add to Clipboard
Children's Garden Nursery School  
St. Augustine Of Canterbury, 1847 BAYVIEW AVE, Toronto, ON  M4G 3E4
416-488-4298x1 Add to Clipboard
Children's Magic Moments Child Care And Nursery School  
98 BRAEMAR AVE, Toronto, ON  M5P 2L4
416-488-0114 Add to Clipboard
Children's Primary Centre - Children's Primary  
Chinese Presbyterian Church, 177 BEVERLEY ST, Toronto, ON  M5T 1Y7
416-977-1204 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55  
97 Main St, Toronto, ON  M4E 2V6
416-691-1113 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55, Children Services - Adam Beck  
Adam Beck Es, 400 SCARBOROUGH RD, Toronto, ON  M4E 3M8
416-691-1113 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55, Children Services - Ted Reeves  
175 MAIN ST, Toronto, ON  M4E 2W2
416-691-1113 Add to Clipboard
Creative Preschool Of East Toronto  
Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute, 16 PHIN AVE, Toronto, ON  M4J 3T2
416-465-3865 Add to Clipboard
Curious Caterpillars - Petman Avenue  
87 PETMAN AVE, Toronto, ON  M4S 2S9
647-501-7386 Add to Clipboard
Day Care Connection [Child care] - Downtown Montessori At Coatsworth  
Hanson Building, 11 COATSWORTH CRES, Toronto, ON  M4C 5P8
416-694-9444 Add to Clipboard
Day Care Connection [Child care] - Downtown Montessori At Concord City Place  
Concord City Place, 335 BREMNER BLVD, Toronto, ON  M5V 3V4
416-623-1738 Add to Clipboard
Deer Park Extended Primary Education Program  
Deer Park Public School, 23 FERNDALE AVE, 105, Toronto, ON  M4T 2B4
416-922-9569 Add to Clipboard
Dentonia Park Co-Operative Nursery School  
Presbyterian Community Church, 140 DAWES RD, Toronto, ON  M4C 5C2
416-691-1202 Add to Clipboard
Discovering Minds Montessori Preschool  
74 BATHURST ST, #1 REAR, Toronto, ON  M5V 2P5
416-504-0110 Add to Clipboard
Dover Gardens Nursery School  
Dovercourt Public School, 228 BARTLETT AVE, Toronto, ON  M6H 3G4
416-533-7337 Add to Clipboard
Downtown Kids Academy  
905 KING ST W, SUITE 101, Toronto, ON  M6K 3G9
416-345-9973 Add to Clipboard
Early Adventures Nursery School and Child Care  
George R Gauld Public School, 200 MELROSE ST, Toronto, ON  M8Y 1B7
416-251-5151 Add to Clipboard
Epic School  
The Church Of The Transfiguration, 111 MANOR RD E, Toronto, ON  M4S 1R4
416-489-0132 Add to Clipboard
Fairlawn Preschool  
Fairlawn Avenue United Church, 28 FAIRLAWN AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1S7
416-483-8793 Add to Clipboard
First Stage Child Care Centre - North Albion  
North Albion Collegiate Institute, 2580 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 3B2
416-394-4688 Add to Clipboard
First Stage Child Care Centre - West Humber  
West Humber Collegiate Institute, 1675 Martin Grove Rd, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 3S3
416-394-7515 Add to Clipboard
Forest Hill Montessori School - Saranac Site  
Forest Hill Montessori School, 3180 BATHURST ST, Toronto, ON  M6A 2X9
416-781-1559 Add to Clipboard
Gibraltar Point Day Nursery  
Island Public & Natural Science School, 30 CENTRE ISLAND PK, Toronto, ON  M5J 2E9
416-393-1907 Add to Clipboard
Gold Circle Early Childhood Day Care Centre  
Westway Junior Public School, 25 Poynter Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9R 1K8
416-241-2000 Add to Clipboard
Gradale Academy  
Rosedale United Church, 159 ROXBOROUGH DR, Toronto, ON  M4W 1X7
416-923-9009 Add to Clipboard
Healthy Earth Bilingual Nursery School  
2206 QUEEN ST E, Toronto, ON  M4E 1E7
416-690-5969 Add to Clipboard
Hillcrest Progressive School  
Hillcrest Progressive School, 59 PLYMBRIDGE RD, Toronto, ON  M2P 1A2
416-489-8355 Add to Clipboard
Hillside Montessori School  
Humber Valley United Church, 76 ANGLESEY BLVD, Toronto, ON  M9A 3C1
416-695-3466 Add to Clipboard
Hippo Nursery School  
St. Matthews United Church, 729 ST CLAIR AVE W, Toronto, ON  M6C 1B2
416-651-6718 Add to Clipboard
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital - Early Learning and Development  
150 Kilgour Rd, Toronto, ON  M4G 1R8
416-425-6220 Add to Clipboard
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital - Outpatient Services - Holland Bloorview nursery schools  
150 Kilgour Rd, Toronto, ON  M4G 1R8
416-425-6220 Add to Clipboard
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Nursery Schools - Play and Learn  
666 EGLINTON AVE W, Toronto, ON  M5N 1B9
416-782-1105 Add to Clipboard
Humber Child Development Centre  
Humber College North Campus, 205 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 5L7
416-675-6622 ext 4484 Add to Clipboard
Humbercrest Co-Operative Nursery School  
Runnymede Collegiate, 569 JANE ST, 114, Toronto, ON  M6S 4A3
416-763-7309 Add to Clipboard
Humberside Montessori  
411 CLENDENAN AVE, Toronto, ON  M6P 2X7
416-762-5509 Add to Clipboard
Jingbao Bilingual Children's Centre - Ryerson Jr And Sr Public School (Downtown)  
Ryerson Jr And Sr Public School, 96 DENISON AVE, Toronto, ON  M5T 1E4
416-603-8885 Add to Clipboard
KASIA Preschool (Kids Achieving Success In Advance)  
65 GLEN MANOR DR, Toronto, ON  M4E 3V3
416-826-9451 Add to Clipboard
Kew Park Montessori Day School  
Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 79 HIAWATHA RD, Toronto, ON  M4L 2X7
416-694-6273 Add to Clipboard
Kids and Company - Clarica  
Sunlife Financial Centre, 3250 BLOOR ST W, ET 101, Toronto, ON  M8X 2X9
416-237-0404 Add to Clipboard
Kids and Company - Scotia Plaza  
104 YONGE ST, UNIT 260 & UNIT 360, Toronto, ON  M5C 2Y6
416-603-2992 Add to Clipboard
Kids' Ville Nursery School  
31 ST DENNIS DR, SUITE 122, Toronto, ON  M3C 1G7
416-421-1993 Add to Clipboard
Kidz Kare Daycare  
15 YORK ST, 3, Toronto, ON  M5J 0A3
416-900-1060 Add to Clipboard
Kinder Grove Infant and Child Care Centre  
Kent Senior Public School, 980 DUFFERIN ST, Toronto, ON  M6H 4B4
416-535-5437 Add to Clipboard
Kingsway Nursery School  
Kingsway Lampton United Church, 85 THE KINGSWAY, Toronto, ON  M8X 2T6
416-233-1491 Add to Clipboard
Lawrence Park School  
Lawrence Park Community Church, 2180 BAYVIEW AVE, Toronto, ON  M4N 3K7
416-489-4459 Add to Clipboard
Learning Enrichment Foundation [Child care] - Carleton Village Early Learning Centre  
Carleton Village Public School North, 315 OSLER ST, Toronto, ON  M6N 2Z4
416-651-2550 Add to Clipboard
Little Learners Academy  
Building, 268 JANE ST, Toronto, ON  M6S 3Z2
416-551-7114 Add to Clipboard
Manor Montessori School 2  
Manor Montessori School, 14 DE SAVERY CRES, Toronto, ON  M4S 2L2
416-488-7370 Add to Clipboard
Manor Road Co-Operative Nursery School  
The Church Of The Transfiguration, 111 MANOR RD E, Toronto, ON  M4S 1R4
416-489-9554 Add to Clipboard
Martin Luther Church Day Nursery B and A  
2379 LAKE SHORE BLVD W, Toronto, ON  M8V 1B7
416-259-2861 Add to Clipboard
Martingrove Child Care Centre  
256 John Garland Blvd, Unit 131 and 132, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 1N8
416-742-1812 Add to Clipboard
McLoughlin Schools  
80 ROXBOROUGH ST W, Toronto, ON  M5R 1T8
416-968-6163 Add to Clipboard
Miles Nadal JCC  
750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON  M5S 2J2
416-924-6211 Add to Clipboard
Miles Nadal JCC, Nursery School  
Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, 750 SPADINA AVE, Toronto, ON  M5S 2J2
416-924-6211x119 Add to Clipboard
Mindwerx 4 Kids - One Care IBI/ABA Therapy  
3825 Bloor St W, Etobicoke, ON  M9B 1K9
416-233-5437 Add to Clipboard
Montessori For Children - St Clair  
Montessori For Children, 25 ALVIN AVE, Toronto, ON  M4T 2A7
416-927-1958 Add to Clipboard
Mrs Park's Nursery School  
Leaside United Church, 822 MILLWOOD RD, Toronto, ON  M4G 1W4
416-424-2135 Add to Clipboard
Munchkinz Preschool  
Standalone Day Nursery, 260 THE QUEENSWAY, Toronto, ON  M8Y 1J4
416-252-0600 Add to Clipboard
My School Co-Op Nursery School  
St. Vincent De Paul, 116 FERMANAGH AVE, Toronto, ON  M6R 1M2
416-516-2397 Add to Clipboard
Network Child Care Services - Child's Nest Early Years And Child Care Centre  
123 COSBURN AVE, Toronto, ON  M4J 2L1
416-421-6984 Add to Clipboard
New Toronto Nursery Co-Operative  
New Toronto Lawn Bowling Club, 153 LAKE SHORE DR, Toronto, ON  M8V 2A1
416-259-8776 Add to Clipboard
North Yonge Infant Nursery and Preschool Child Care - Infant Nursery  
27 MELROSE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1Y6
416-481-8900 Add to Clipboard
North Yonge Infant Nursery and Preschool Child Care - Preschool  
25 MELROSE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1Y6
416-481-8900 Add to Clipboard
Odyssey Montessori School - Christie Campus  
256 CHRISTIE ST, Toronto, ON  M6G 3B8
416-535-9402 Add to Clipboard
Odyssey Montessori School - Sorauren Campus  
Greek Orthodox Cathedral Of The Virgin Mary, 136 SORAUREN AVE, Toronto, ON  M6R 2E4
416-535-9402 Add to Clipboard
Ola Day Care  
Ola Day Care Inc., 2211 DUNDAS ST W, Toronto, ON  M6R 1X6
647-351-6521 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services - CFSA Licensing and Compliance Services  
375 University Ave, 5th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 1G1
General Inquiry 416-325-0500 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Education - Child Care  
Mowat Block, 900 Bay St, 22th Fl, Toronto, ON  M7A 1L2
416-325-2929 Add to Clipboard
Oriole Nursery School  
Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 YONGE ST, Toronto, ON  M4T 1Z8
416-960-1293 Add to Clipboard
Petite Maison Montessori  
Don Mills United Church, 126 O CONNOR DR, Toronto, ON  M4K 2K7
416-429-0507 Add to Clipboard
Playworks Pre-School - Playworks Preschool  
Storefront, 1375 YONGE ST, Toronto, ON  M4T 1Y4
416-967-6484 Add to Clipboard
Prince Edward Montessori School Of Toronto  
All Saints Anglican Church, 2850 BLOOR ST W, Toronto, ON  M8X 1B2
416-234-9127 Add to Clipboard
Prosserman Jewish Community Centre  
Sherman Campus, 4588 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON  M2R 1W6
416-638-1881 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Day Nursery  
Thistletown Multi Service Centre, 925 Albion Rd, 2nd Floor, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 1A6
416-743-5057 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Home Child Care Agency  
Rexdale Learning Centre, 30 Barrhead Cres, Suite 17, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 3Z7
416-746-7101 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Women's Centre - Children's Services  
925 Albion Rd, Suite 309, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 1A6
416-745-0062 Add to Clipboard
Rosedale Moore Park Association - Mooredale Preschool - Coach House  
Mooredale House, 146 CRESCENT RD, Toronto, ON  M4W 1V2
416-922-3714x113 Add to Clipboard
Rosedale Moore Park Association - Mooredale Preschool - Main House  
Mooredale House, 146 CRESCENT RD, Toronto, ON  M4W 1V2
416-922-3714x113 Add to Clipboard
Silver Creek Pre-School - Serving Children with Special Needs  
65 Hartsdale Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9R 2S8
416-249-9770 Add to Clipboard
Silverstone Learning Centre  
Melody Village Junior School, 520 Silverstone Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 3L5
416-741-0414 Add to Clipboard
St Alban's Boys' and Girls' Club, St Alban's Preschool  
St Alban's Boys And Girls Club, 843 PALMERSTON AVE, Toronto, ON  M6G 2R8
416-534-8461 Add to Clipboard
St Bernadette's Family Resource Centre  
D'Arcy McGee Catholic School, 20 Bansley Ave, Toronto, ON  M6M 1M9
416-397-6300 Add to Clipboard
St Clement's Early Learning School  
St. Clement's Anglican Church, 70 ST CLEMENTS AVE, Toronto, ON  M4R 1H2
416-489-0822 Add to Clipboard
St Philip's Community Preschool  
Melrose Community Church, 375 MELROSE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 1Z6
416-782-8026 Add to Clipboard
Stepping Stones Day Nursery  
342 RUNNYMEDE RD, Toronto, ON  M6S 2Y6
416-769-9719 Add to Clipboard
Sunflower Montessori Day Care  
582 OAKWOOD AVE, Toronto, ON  M6E 2X5
416-656-6300 Add to Clipboard
Sunny Faces Day Care Centre - Rivercrest  
Rivercrest Junior School, 30 Harefield Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 4C9
416-744-0778 Add to Clipboard
Sunnylea Co-Operative Nursery School  
Etobicoke Collegiate, 86 MONTGOMERY RD, Toronto, ON  M9A 3N5
416-716-1258 Add to Clipboard
Sunnyside Day Care - Keele  
Sunnyside Day Care, 236 KEELE ST, Toronto, ON  M6P 2K3
416-766-0312 Add to Clipboard
Syme Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre - Pritchard Office - Family Resource Centre  
George Syme Community School, 69 Pritchard Ave, Rms 110, 101, Toronto, ON  M6N 1T6
416-767-2186 Add to Clipboard
Teach Me To Fly Preschool  
2560 GERRARD ST E, Toronto, ON  M1N 1W8
416-691-9406 Add to Clipboard
Teddy Bear Academy  
167 HIGH PARK AVE, Toronto, ON  M6P 2S3
647-351-1566 Add to Clipboard
Temple Sinai Nursery School  
Temple Sinai Congregation, 210 WILSON AVE, Toronto, ON  M5M 3B1
416-487-3281 Add to Clipboard
The Helene Comay Nursery School  
Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 CHRISTIE ST, 25, Toronto, ON  M6G 4C7
647-406-4369 Add to Clipboard
The Orchard Montessori School  
Old Orchard Public School, 375 DOVERCOURT RD, Toronto, ON  M6J 3E5
416-534-7979 Add to Clipboard
Time For Play Nursery School  
Western Technical Commercial High School, 125 EVELYN CRES, 315, Toronto, ON  M6P 3E3
416-769-1550 Add to Clipboard
Toronto Military Family Resource Centre  
5 Yukon Lane, Toronto, ON  M3K 0A1
416-633-6200 ext 4311 Add to Clipboard
Toronto. Children's Services  
Metro Hall, 55 John St, 10th Fl, Toronto, ON  M5V 3C6
311 or Subsidy information 416-338-8888 press 2 Add to Clipboard
Toronto. Children's Services - Child Care Locator  
Toronto, ON  M5V 3C6
311 or 416-338-8888 Add to Clipboard
Trust Child Care  
29 BIRCH AVE, Toronto, ON  M4V 1E2
416-944-1999 Add to Clipboard
Vert Casa Montessori Academy  
St. Columba Anglican Church, 2723 ST CLAIR AVE E, Toronto, ON  M4B 1M8
416-286-4623 Add to Clipboard
Victoria Education Centre, Montessori and Child Care  
Toronto Chinese Mennonite Church, 1038 WOODBINE AVE, Toronto, ON  M4C 4C4
416-422-5550 Add to Clipboard
Victoria Village Children's Services - My Little School  
1492 VICTORIA PARK AVE, Toronto, ON  M4A 2M6
416-755-0305 Add to Clipboard
Warden Woods Community Centre [Child care] - Woodland Nursery School  
1 FIRVALLEY CRT, Toronto, ON  M1L 1N8
416-694-1138x157 Add to Clipboard
Waterfront Montessori Children's Centre  
Algonquin Island Residents Association, 18 WYANDOT AVE, Toronto, ON  M5J 2M9
416-203-1017 Add to Clipboard
Westside Montessori School  
95 BELLEVUE AVE, Toronto, ON  M5T 2N8
647-430-5321 Add to Clipboard
Windermere Kids  
Windermere United Church, 356 WINDERMERE AVE, Toronto, ON  M6S 3L3
416-761-9772 Add to Clipboard
Yes I Can Nursery School - Old York Mills  
25 OLD YORK MILLS RD, Toronto, ON  M2P 1B5
416-486-4911 Add to Clipboard
Yes I Can Nursery School - Yonge St  
3335 YONGE ST, Toronto, ON  M4N 2M1
416-486-4911 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto - Family Development Centre  
15 Breadalbane St, Toronto, ON  M4Y 1C2
416-513-1164 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Indian Road Crescent School Age YMCA  
Indian Road Crescent Junior Public School, 285 INDIAN ROAD CRES, Toronto, ON  M6P 2G8
416-763-1195 Add to Clipboard
Yonge-Churchill Child Care Centre - Bloor W - Kids and Company  
703 BLOOR ST W, Toronto, ON  M6G 1L5
647-345-5702 Add to Clipboard

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