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Child Care - School-Age Programs - Toronto Central

Child care programs that operate before and after school and during Professional Development days and March break to accommodate school-aged children.

These services serve all or part of Toronto Central
Abc Academy - Bayview  
1432 BAYVIEW AVE, Toronto, ON  M4G 3B3
647-349-2229 Add to Clipboard
Absorbent Minds - 20 Old Kingston Rd  
20 OLD KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M1E 3J5
416-283-3467 Add to Clipboard
All About Kids - Leslieville  
1055 GERRARD ST E, Toronto, ON  M4M 1Z7
416-463-5437 Add to Clipboard
Bowmore Road Community Day Care Centre  
Bowmore Public School, 80 BOWMORE RD, Toronto, ON  M4L 3J2
416-463-7345 Add to Clipboard
Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough [Child care] - St Brendan CS  
St. Brendan Catholic School, 186 CENTENNIAL RD, Toronto, ON  M1C 1Z9
416-281-0262x228 Add to Clipboard
Camp Awakening  
150 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 204, Toronto, ON  M4P 1E8
416-487-8400 Add to Clipboard
Castle Park Playschool  
1971 QUEEN ST E, UNIT 102, 103, Toronto, ON  M4L 1H9
416-691-5211 Add to Clipboard
Cedarvale B and A School Program  
Cedarvale Community School, 145 AVA RD, Toronto, ON  M6C 1W4
416-658-1874 Add to Clipboard
Centennial College [Child care] - East York Day Care Centre  
Diefenbaker Public School, 175 PLAINS RD, Toronto, ON  M4J 2R2
416-289-5104 Add to Clipboard
Centre De La Petite Enfance - Les Amis Du Monde  
École Élémentaire Charles-Sauriol, 55 PELHAM AVE, Toronto, ON  M6N 1A5
416-410-2232 Add to Clipboard
Childspace Day Care - Childspace 1  
St. Brigid's Catholic School, 50 WOODMOUNT AVE, Toronto, ON  M4C 3X9
416-425-7763 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55  
97 Main St, Toronto, ON  M4E 2V6
416-691-1113 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55, Children Services - Kimberley  
Kimberley Public School, 50 SWANWICK AVE, Toronto, ON  M4E 1Z5
416-691-1113 Add to Clipboard
Community Centre 55, Children Services - Ted Reeves  
175 MAIN ST, Toronto, ON  M4E 2W2
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Community Matters Toronto  
260 Wellesley St E, Suite 102, Toronto, ON  M4X 1G6
416-944-9697 Add to Clipboard
Conseil scolaire Viamonde - Toronto  
116 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto, ON  M6L 2K5
416-614-0844 Add to Clipboard
Davisville Care Programme  
Davisville Public School, 529 VAUGHAN RD, Toronto, ON  M6C 2R1
416-489-2620 Add to Clipboard
Downtown Care-Ring - St James Town Youth Centre  
375 Bleecker St, Suite 106A, Toronto, ON  M4X 1M3
416-515-7884 Add to Clipboard
Family Day Care Services  
155 Gordon Baker Rd, Suite 400, Toronto, ON  M2H 3N5
Child Care Services 416-922-3434 ; Main 416-922-9556 Add to Clipboard
Family Day Care Services [Child care and school age programs] - Flemingdon Park Schoolage and Family Centre  
Flemingdon Park Community Centre, 150 GRENOBLE DR, Toronto, ON  M3C 1E3
416-429-6194 Add to Clipboard
Garfield Avenue Children's Circle  
Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Separate School, 1.5 GARFIELD AVE, Toronto, ON  M4T 1E6
416-963-9242 Add to Clipboard
Gold Circle Early Childhood Day Care Centre  
Westway Junior Public School, 25 Poynter Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9R 1K8
416-241-2000 Add to Clipboard
Huron Superfriends  
Huron Street Public School, 541 HURON ST, Toronto, ON  M5R 2R6
416-921-7551 Add to Clipboard
Jesse Ketchum Early Learning and Child Care Centre - Satellite Early Learning and Child Care Centre  
Jesse Ketchum Public School, 61 DAVENPORT RD, Toronto, ON  M5R 1H4
416-392-5061 Add to Clipboard
Kidz Kare Daycare  
15 YORK ST, 3, Toronto, ON  M5J 0A3
416-900-1060 Add to Clipboard
King George B and A School Program  
King George Junior Public School, 25 REXFORD RD, Toronto, ON  M6S 2M2
416-760-2550 Add to Clipboard
Lambton - Kingsway B and After School Program  
Lamton-Kingsway Junior Middle School, 525 PRINCE EDWARD DR N, Toronto, ON  M8X 2M6
416-394-6400 Add to Clipboard
Lambton Park B and A School  
Lambton Park Community School, 50 BERNICE CRES, Toronto, ON  M6N 1W9
416-769-1174 Add to Clipboard
Learning Enrichment Foundation [Child care] - Carleton Village Early Learning Centre  
Carleton Village Public School North, 315 OSLER ST, Toronto, ON  M6N 2Z4
416-651-2550 Add to Clipboard
Lord Dufferin Community Day Care Centre  
Lord Dufferin Public School, 350 PARLIAMENT ST, Toronto, ON  M5A 2Z7
416-960-8604 Add to Clipboard
Macaulay Child Development Centre [Child care] - Keelesdale  
Keelesdale Junior Public School, 200 BICKNELL AVE, LOWER LEVEL, Toronto, ON  M6M 4G9
416-394-4222x550 Add to Clipboard
Mackie Sunshine Child Care Centre - St Denis Sunshine  
St. Denis Catholic School (Jr), 67 BALSAM AVE, Toronto, ON  M4E 3B8
416-434-9146 Add to Clipboard
Maplewood Before And After School Care  
Humewood Community School, 15 CHERRYWOOD AVE, Toronto, ON  M6C 2X4
416-654-2498 Add to Clipboard
Plasp - David Hornell  
David Hornell Junior School, 32 VICTORIA ST, Toronto, ON  M8V 1M6
1-888-739-4102 Add to Clipboard
Plasp - Humber Valley Village  
Humber Valley Village Junior Middle Public School, 65 HARTFIELD RD, Toronto, ON  M9A 3E1
1-888-739-4102 Add to Clipboard
Plasp - James Culnan  
James Culan Catholic School, 605 WILLARD AVE, Toronto, ON  M6S 3S1
1-888-739-4102 Add to Clipboard
Plasp - St Cecilia  
St. Cecilia Catholic School, 355 ANNETTE ST, Toronto, ON  M6P 1R3
1-888-739-4102 Add to Clipboard
Plasp - St Pius X  
St. Pius X, 71 JANE ST, Toronto, ON  M6S 3Y3
1-888-739-4102 Add to Clipboard
Portage Trail B and A School Program  
Portage Trail Junior School, 100 SIDNEY BELSEY CRES, Toronto, ON  M6M 5H6
416-241-5534 Add to Clipboard
Prosserman Jewish Community Centre  
Sherman Campus, 4588 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON  M2R 1W6
416-638-1881 Add to Clipboard
Rainbow's End Day Care - Lamberton Public School (Satellite)  
Lamberton Public School, 33 LAMBERTON BLVD, Toronto, ON  M3J 1G6
416-633-4718 Add to Clipboard
Ralph Thornton Community Centre  
765 Queen St E, Toronto, ON  M4M 1H3
416-392-6810 Add to Clipboard
Rawlinson B and A School Program  
Rawlinson Community School, 231 GLENHOLME AVE, Toronto, ON  M6E 3C7
647-207-3037 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Day Nursery  
Thistletown Multi Service Centre, 925 Albion Rd, 2nd Floor, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 1A6
416-743-5057 Add to Clipboard
Rexdale Home Child Care Agency  
Rexdale Learning Centre, 30 Barrhead Cres, Suite 17, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 3Z7
416-746-7101 Add to Clipboard
Rolph Road Day Care Centres - St Anselm Catholic School (Leaside)  
St. Anselm Catholic School, 182 BESSBOROUGH DR, Toronto, ON  M4G 4H5
416-487-5862 Add to Clipboard
Runnymede Adventure Club  
Runnymede Public School, 357 RUNNYMEDE RD, Toronto, ON  M6S 2Y7
416-766-5599 Add to Clipboard
Ryerson University, Early Learning Centres - Our Lady Of Lourdes Site  
Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic School, 444 SHERBOURNE ST, Toronto, ON  M4X 1K2
416-979-5338x5338 Add to Clipboard
Salvation Army, Kid-Z-Own  
The Salvation Army East Toronto, 107 CEDARVALE AVE, Toronto, ON  M4C 4J9
416-467-7416x223 Add to Clipboard
Silverstone Learning Centre  
Melody Village Junior School, 520 Silverstone Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 3L5
416-741-0414 Add to Clipboard
Silverstone Montessori Day Care  
Clairville Public School, 350 Silverstone Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 3J4
416-741-9820 Add to Clipboard
St Bartholomew's Anglican Church - Regent Park - Community Services  
509 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON  M5A 3V3
416-368-9180 Add to Clipboard
St Bernadette's Family Resource Centre  
D'Arcy McGee Catholic School, 20 Bansley Ave, Toronto, ON  M6M 1M9
416-397-6300 Add to Clipboard
St. Bartholomew's Children's Centre - Regent Park  
St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, 509 DUNDAS ST E, Toronto, ON  M5A 3V3
416-368-6375 Add to Clipboard
Sunny Faces Day Care Centre - Rivercrest  
Rivercrest Junior School, 30 Harefield Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 4C9
416-744-0778 Add to Clipboard
Swansea Kids Place  
Swansea Public School, 207 WINDERMERE AVE, Toronto, ON  M6S 3J9
416-763-1908 Add to Clipboard
Thorncliffe Park Day Care Centre - School Age Program  
Thorncliffe Park Public School, 80 THORNCLIFFE PARK DR, Toronto, ON  M4H 1K3
416-423-0880 Add to Clipboard
Trinity Bellwoods Community Children's Group/Care  
Trinity Community Recreation Centre, 155 CRAWFORD ST, Toronto, ON  M6J 2V5
416-537-9021 Add to Clipboard
Warden Woods Community Centre - Children and Youth Programmes  
74 Firvalley Court, Toronto, ON  M1L 1N9
416-694-1138 Add to Clipboard
West End Parents Day Care Centre - Ossington Ave (Satellite)  
Ossington / Old Orchard Public School, 380 OSSINGTON AVE, Toronto, ON  M6J 3A5
416-534-6761 Add to Clipboard
West Neighbourhood House - Ossington Site - Children, Youth and Family Support Program  
248 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON  M6J 3A2
416-532-4828 Add to Clipboard
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre  
313 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON  M1L 3E7
416-755-9215 Add to Clipboard
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre, Boys and Girls Clubs of West Scarborough, Play Care Program  
West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre, 313 PHARMACY AVE, Toronto, ON  M1L 3E7
416-755-9215x257 Add to Clipboard
Williamson Road Day Care Centre  
Williamson Road Public School, 24 WILLIAMSON RD, Toronto, ON  M4E 1K5
416-691-8861 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto  
Administrative office, 2200 Yonge St, Suite 300, Toronto, ON  M4S 2C6
416-928-9622 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Dewson YMCA School Age Program  
Dewson Street Junior Public School, 65 CONCORD AVE, Toronto, ON  M6H 2N9
416-536-1166x440 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Humbercrest School Age YMCA  
Humbercrest Junior Senior Public School, 14 ST MARKS RD, Toronto, ON  M6S 2H7
416-769-6715 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Indian Road Crescent School Age YMCA  
Indian Road Crescent Junior Public School, 285 INDIAN ROAD CRES, Toronto, ON  M6P 2G8
416-763-1195 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - John English Jms Jr YMCA Elp  
John English Jms Public School, 95 MIMICO AVE, Toronto, ON  M8V 1R4
647-281-4410 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Millwood Jr YMCA  
Millwood Public School, 222 MILL RD, Toronto, ON  M9C 1Y2
416-622-6331 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Norseman School Age YMCA  
Norseman Public School, 105 NORSEMAN ST, Toronto, ON  M8Z 2R1
416-917-8900 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Norway School Age YMCA  
Norway Public School, 390 KINGSTON RD, Toronto, ON  M4L 1T9
647-439-9905 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Our Lady Of Peace School Age YMCA  
Our Lady Of Peace Catholic School, 70 MATTICE AVE, Toronto, ON  M9B 1T6
647-281-4410 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Our Lady of Sorrows School Age YMCA  
Our Lady Of Sorrows Catholic School, 32 MONTGOMERY RD, Toronto, ON  M8X 1Z4
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YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Our Lady Of Victory School Age YMCA  
Our Lady Of Victory Catholic School, 70 GUESTVILLE AVE, Toronto, ON  M6N 4N3
416-769-6715 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Second Street School Age YMCA  
Second Street School, 71 SECOND ST, Toronto, ON  M8V 2X4
416-252-8544 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Secord School Age YMCA  
Secord Community Centre, 91 BARRINGTON AVE, Toronto, ON  M4C 4Y9
416-421-8101 Add to Clipboard
YMCA of Greater Toronto. Child Care [Toronto] - Wedgewood School Age YMCA  
Wedgewood Public School, 5 SWAN AVE, Toronto, ON  M9B 1V1
647-281-4410 Add to Clipboard

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