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Long-Term Care Homes - Toronto Central

Long-term care homes care for people with significant health challenges and cognitive impairment who need 24-hour access to nursing care and supervision. While homes are publicly funded by the government to provide primary health care and nursing care, support with the activities of daily living, a variety of therapies and activities, and special diets residents also pay a fee for their accommodation. Long-term care homes are also known as Homes for the Aged or Nursing Homes.

Information about and admission to long-term care homes is provided by Home and Community Care – LHIN

See Residential Care Advocacy and Care Standards for organizations that protect and promote the rights and interests of individuals living in residential care facilities.

These services serve all or part of Toronto Central
Altamont Care Community  
92 Island Rd, Toronto, ON  M1C 2P5
416-284-4781 Add to Clipboard
Apotex Centre - Jewish Home for the Aged  
3560 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON  M6A 2E1
416-785-2500 ext 2223 Add to Clipboard
Belmont House  
55 Belmont St, Toronto, ON  M5R 1R1
416-964-9231 Add to Clipboard
Bendale Acres - Long-Term Care Home  
2920 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1P 2T8
416-397-7000 Add to Clipboard
Castleview Wychwood Towers - Long-Term Care Home  
351 Christie St, Toronto, ON  M6G 3C3
416-392-5700 Add to Clipboard
Cedarvale Terrace Long Term Care Facility  
429 Walmer Rd, Toronto, ON  M5P 2X9
416-967-6949 Add to Clipboard
Chartwell White Eagle Long Term Care Residence  
138 Dowling Ave, Toronto, ON  M6K 3A6
416-533-7935 Add to Clipboard
Chester Village  
3555 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON  M1L 1E3
416-466-2173 Add to Clipboard
Copernicus Lodge  
66 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON  M6R 3A7
416-536-7122 Add to Clipboard
Craiglee Nursing Home  
102 Craiglee Dr, Toronto, ON  M1N 2M7
416-264-2000 Add to Clipboard
Deerwood Creek Care Community  
70 Humberline Dr, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 7H3
416-213-7300 Add to Clipboard
Dom Lipa Nursing Home  
52 Neilson Dr, Toronto, ON  M9C 1V7
416-621-3820 Add to Clipboard
Ehatare Nursing Home  
40 Old Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON  M1E 3J5
416-284-0813 Add to Clipboard
Elm Grove Living Centre  
35 Elm Grove Ave, Toronto, ON  M6K 2J2
416-537-2465 Add to Clipboard
Extendicare - Guildwood  
60 Guildwood Pkwy, Toronto, ON  M1E 1N9
416-266-7711 Add to Clipboard
Extendicare - Rouge Valley  
551 Conlins Rd, Toronto, ON  M1B 5S1
416-282-6768 Add to Clipboard
Extendicare - Scarborough  
3830 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1G 1R6
416-439-1243 Add to Clipboard
Fairview Nursing Home  
14 Cross St, Toronto, ON  M6J 1S8
416-534-8829 Add to Clipboard
Fieldstone Commons Care Community  
1000 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON  M1P 5G2
416-291-0222 Add to Clipboard
Fountain View Care Community  
1800 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON  M4A 1W7
416-285-2000 Add to Clipboard
Fudger House - Long-Term Care Home  
439 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON  M4X 1K6
416-392-5252 Add to Clipboard
Garden Court Nursing Home  
1 Sand Beach Rd, Toronto, ON  M8V 2W2
416-259-6172 Add to Clipboard
Harmony Hills Care Community  
1800 O'Connor Dr, Toronto, ON  M4A 1W7
416-285-1411 Add to Clipboard
Hellenic Home - Scarborough  
2411 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1P 4X1
416-654-7718 ext 3100 Add to Clipboard
Hellenic Home for the Aged - Hellenic Care for Seniors Toronto  
215 Tyrrel Ave, Toronto, ON  M6G 4A9
416-654-7700 Add to Clipboard
Heritage Nursing Home  
1195 Queen St E, Toronto, ON  M4M 1L6
416-461-8185 Add to Clipboard
Humber Valley Terrace  
95 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke, ON  M9V 5B5
416-746-7466 Add to Clipboard
Ina Grafton Gage Home  
40 Bell Estate Rd, Toronto, ON  M1L 0E2
416-422-4890 Add to Clipboard
Ivan Franko Home  
767 Royal York Rd, Toronto, ON  M8Y 2T3
416-239-7364 Add to Clipboard
Kennedy Lodge Nursing Home  
1400 Kennedy Rd, Toronto, ON  M1P 4V6
416-752-8282 Add to Clipboard
Kensington Gardens  
25 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON  M5S 2L9
416-963-9640 Add to Clipboard
Kipling Acres  
2233 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, ON  M9W 4L3
416-392-2300 Add to Clipboard
Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home  
5 Resurrection Rd, Toronto, ON  M9A 5G1
416-232-2112 Add to Clipboard
Lakeshore Lodge - Long-Term Care Home  
3197 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON  M8V 3X5
416-392-9400 Add to Clipboard
Lakeside Long-Term Care Centre  
150 Dunn Ave, Toronto, ON  M6K 2R6
416-533-2828 Add to Clipboard
Main St Terrace  
77 Main St, Toronto, ON  M4E 2V6
416-690-3001 Add to Clipboard
Maynard Nursing Home  
28 Halton St, Toronto, ON  M6J 1R3
416-533-5198 Add to Clipboard
Midland Gardens Care Community  
130 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON  M1N 4B2
416-264-2301 Add to Clipboard
Mon Sheong - Scarborough - Long-Term Care Centre  
2030 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON  M1V 5P4
416-291-3898 Add to Clipboard
Mon Sheong Foundation - Home for the Aged  
36 D'Arcy St, Toronto, ON  M5T 1J7
416-977-3762 Add to Clipboard
Nisbet Lodge  
740 Pape Ave, Toronto, ON  M4K 3S7
416-469-1105 Add to Clipboard
North York General Hospital - Seniors' Health Centre - Long Term Care Home  
2 Buchan Court, Toronto, ON  M2J 5A3
416-756-0066 Add to Clipboard
Norwood Long Term Care Facility  
122 Tyndall Ave, Toronto, ON  M6K 2E2
416-535-3011 Add to Clipboard
O'Neill Centre (The)  
33 Christie St, Toronto, ON  M6G 3B1
416-536-1116 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Long-Term Care ACTION Line  
Outside Ontario: 416-326-6777 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Reports on Long-Term Care Homes  
LTC Action Line: 1-866-434-0144 Add to Clipboard
Providence Healthcare - Providence Healthcare - Houses of Providence  
Houses of Providence, 3276 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1L 1W1
416-285-3666 ext 5375 Add to Clipboard
Rekai Centres - Sherbourne Place  
345 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON  M5A 2S3
416-964-1599 Add to Clipboard
Rekai Centres - Wellesley Central Place  
160 Wellesley St E, Toronto, ON  M4Y 1J2
416-929-9385 Add to Clipboard
Rockcliffe Care Community  
3015 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1P 2V7
416-264-3201 Add to Clipboard
Rose of Sharon - Korean Long Term Care Home  
17 Maplewood Ave, Toronto, ON  M6C 4B3
416-979-7027 Add to Clipboard
Salvation Army - Isabel and Arthur Meighen Manor  
155 Millwood Rd, Toronto, ON  M4S 1J6
416-481-9449 Add to Clipboard
Seven Oaks - Long-Term Care Home  
9 Neilson Rd, Toronto, ON  M1E 5E1
416-392-3500 Add to Clipboard
Shepherd Village - Shepherd Lodge Long Term Care Home  
3760 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1T 3K9
416-609-5700 ext 232 Add to Clipboard
St Clair O'Connor Community - Long-Term Care Home  
2701 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON  M4B 1M5
416-757-8757 Add to Clipboard
St George Care Community  
225 St George St, Toronto, ON  M5R 2M2
416-967-3985 Add to Clipboard
Sunnybrook Veterans Centre  
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 2075 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON  M4N 3M5
English 1-866-522-2122 ; French 1-866-522-2022 Add to Clipboard
Tendercare Living Centre  
1020 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON  M1W 2J6
416-499-2020 Add to Clipboard
Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care  
59 Lawson Rd, Toronto, ON  M1C 2J1
416-284-9235 Add to Clipboard
Toronto Finnish Canadian Seniors Centre - Suomi-Koti Toronto - Nursing Home  
795 Eglinton Ave E, 7th Fl, Toronto, ON  M4G 4E4
416-421-6719 ext 229 Add to Clipboard
Toronto Long-Term Care Homes and Services  
Metro Hall, 55 John St, 11th Fl, Toronto, ON  M5V 3C6
416-392-8906 Add to Clipboard
Trilogy Long-Term Care Centre  
340 McCowan Rd, Toronto, ON  M1J 3P4
416-443-1074 Add to Clipboard
True Davidson Acres - Long-Term Care Home  
200 Dawes Rd, Toronto, ON  M4C 5M8
416-397-0400 Add to Clipboard
Vermont Square Long Term Care Home  
914 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON  M5R 3G5
416-533-9473 Add to Clipboard
Wesburn Manor  
400 The West Mall, Toronto, ON  M9C 5S1
416-394-3600 Add to Clipboard
West Park Healthcare Centre - Long Term Care Centre  
82 Buttonwood Ave, Toronto, ON  M6M 2J5
416-614-9494 Add to Clipboard
Wexford Residence (The)  
1860 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON  M1R 5B1
416-701-2503 Add to Clipboard
Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care - Scarborough-Finch - Long-Term Care Home  
60 Scottfield Dr, Toronto, ON  M1S 5T7
416-321-3000 Add to Clipboard
Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care - Scarborough-McNicoll - Long-Term Care Home  
2311 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, ON  M1V 5L3
416-321-6333 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of Toronto Central, but provide service to Toronto Central.
Extendicare Halton Hills  
9 Lindsay Court, Georgetown, ON  L7G 6G9
905-702-8760 Add to Clipboard
Northridge Long Term Care Centre  
496 Postridge Dr, Oakville, ON  L6H 7A2
905-257-9882 Add to Clipboard

These services are governed by legislation in Ontario and the regulatory body is: the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care  (

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