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Muscular Dystrophy (MD) - Toronto Central

Muscular Dystrophy is the name of a group of muscle disorders that are characterized by progressive weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles that control body movement. As muscle tissue weakens and wastes away, it is replaced by fatty and connective tissue.

These services serve all or part of Toronto Central
Muscular Dystrophy Canada - Ontario and Nunavut Regional Office  
40 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 500, Toronto, ON  M4P 3A2
416-488-2699 Add to Clipboard
University Health Network - Toronto General Hospital - Outpatient Clinics - Neuromuscular Clinic  
Eaton Building, 5th Fl, 200 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON  M5G 2C4
Dr Vera Bril: 416-340-3315
Dr Hans Katzberg: 416-340-3662
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These services are located outside of Toronto Central, but provide service to Toronto Central.
Jesse's Journey - The Foundation for Gene & Cell Therapy  
195 Dufferin Ave, Suite 420, London, ON  N6A 4V3
519-645-8855 Add to Clipboard

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